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Welcome to Kingdom Brussels


Welcome to a communication agency that has a real culture of marketing and consumer insight. Let’s meet.



Launch the Tilt folding urban bike
and position the Decathlon brand
as a leader in innovation.


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Belgiumbestsellerof Europe


Create a marketing model for a new
Italian restaurant concept that allows
for the development of a franchise.


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15applicantsfor a franchise


Take advantage of ERGO’s sponsorship of
the “Red Devils” to establish its position
as an expert in pension plan products.


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Our story

We design and orchestrate marketing and communication programs that enable our clients to build strong and profitable relationships with their customers. Turning prospects into loyal customers and brand ambassadors. That’s the story.

How to build strong relationships with customers
in an ever-expanding world of media and audiences?

Kingdom Brussels has been providing an answer to this question for more than ten years. When the agency was first set up, we responded to our clients in our capacity as marketing consultants, assisting them solely with the strategic aspects of marketing. However, our clients very quickly began asking us to widen our structure and include the operational dimension, to guarantee the consistency and efficiency of the action plans we developed.

Today, Kingdom Brussels covers the entire value chain, from strategy to implementation and the measurement of results in order to deliver the most relevant message through the most effective channel at the best moment in time.

It is this background, this DNA, which distinguishes us from the other communication agencies in the market. This is what has forged our deep-seated culture of consumer insights, brands and the principles of integrated marketing.

Way of working

Our focus is on delivering valuable content that is consistent across all contacts, synchronized in terms of interaction
and measurable in order to maximize the ROI.

The development of multi-channel synergies requires not only the comprehensive provision of creative and technical skills but also careful organization and rigorous procedures.

We all know that we must begin by listening to consumers if we want them to listen to us. This is part of our philosophy. It is important to take account of what they say and do, and analyze it from every angle.

Strategic Planning is the basis of our strategic work. It takes account of all the parameters so that it can better define consumer goals and, in doing so, develops brand value content and efficient Communication Platforms.
Brand Platform
In-depth knowledge of the environment of a brand and its consumers is essential. Breaking down the briefing to ensure that we have clearly understood the marketing problem is fundamental to finding the solution and building the action plan.

Moreover, before launching an action plan, it is all-important to validate the brand’s foundations.

In other words, we have to ensure that the Brand Platform can give consistency to the message across all levels of communication, types of action and channels.
Brand Platform Audit
At Kingdom Brussels we have developed an analysis model which enables us to check that all the Brand Platform parameters have been clearly defined.

The audit validates the fact that the brand's foundations can support the building of communication plans and identifies any points requiring completion, improvement or, in some cases, creation.

The audit also provides a means of checking or creating the appropriate tools to monitor and measure the impact of the communication policy.
Communication Platform: 3D platform
Once the Brand Platform has been validated, we can concentrate on the commercial objectives and build the Communication Platform, which is the footprint of all interactions.

Customer relationship programs can no longer be just about newsletters, reward programs or points systems. They are about an ongoing interaction with key customers to deliver the most relevant message through the most effective channel at the best moment in time.

Relationship marketing is dramatically changing in this Digital Age, which now brings the opportunity of enhancing the customer relationships and delivering improved ROI.

In a world that is increasingly data-rich, consumer profiles can be extended with behavioral and transactional data, and this is why we create 3D consumer profiles (Customer Value, Channel Profile and Interaction Profile).

Therefore the objective of the Communication Platform is to provide an integrated, consistent and synchronized plan to guarantee maximum results from each action.

Our success stories


Warm-Up Meeting

We believe in meetings and experiences.

As we are aware of the importance of selecting the right strategic partner, we have developed the “warm-up meeting” concept.

At this initial meeting, we get to know each other through discussion and joint assessment of the task ahead so that, by the end of the meeting, you’ll be able to judge our abilities from the types of solution we can potentially offer you, our method of working and the effectiveness of our approach.

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