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Encourage opticians to increase their sales of contact lenses even though the ROI is higher on the sale of spectacle frames.

The solution

After organizing a survey of thirty opticians and analyzing the results, we found the major problem – opticians prefer to spend their time advising on spectacle frames rather than suggesting contact lenses because the ROI is higher if they sell a pair of glasses.

We therefore suggested a change in the commercial dimension, taking it from a simple commercial transaction to the establishment of an ongoing commercial relationship. In fact, instead of selling one box of contact lenses, the optician can, thanks to a centralized CRM program, offer a twelve-month supply of lenses in just one sale.

The “Contact Lens For Life” program was created. By becoming a member of the program, consumers receive their contact lenses each month with a list of ten services designed to add to the value of the contract e.g. breakage insurance, additional guarantees, payment plan, priority invitation to test new products etc.

As to the opticians, they enjoy the effects of a whole array of marketing features without having to do anything themselves. SMS messages let customers know that it is time to change lenses, tell them about new offers and describe new products. In addition to the loyalty program, we created a proprietary “Xpert Center” identity for each of the opticians involved in the scheme. This “soft franchising” added value to the opticians and motivated them to sell contact lenses, thereby providing them with a stronger position in the competitive market.

The result

  • On average, 255 additional customers per retail outlet taking part in the scheme, each with a twelve-month contract for lenses.
  • 50 opticians took part the first year.
  • 10.000 twelve-month lens supply contracts were signed by customers.