Client: Decathlon


  • Customer Insight
  • Brand Identity
  • Data Analysis
  • Communication Platform
  • Marketing Strategy

Turn the Decathlon customer card into a key element of the brand’s CRM, acquire new customers, ensure brand loyalty and increase purchasing frequency.

The solution

The electronic changeover of the use of cheques is a great opportunity to build and integrate interactions between Decathlon and each of its customers.

Initially, after analyzing the data and client insight, we suggested a system designed to analyze the elasticity of demand depending on existing and potential future offers. In other words, the system provided an easy way of testing the value of future services in individual market segments and measuring their impact on increased frequency and volume of customer purchases.

The system allows the store to prioritize the proposed service rationally, within the established loyalty program. As far as communication is concerned, we recommended the creation of a distinct identity for the customer loyalty program without breaking away from Decathlon’s existing codes. The identity would differentiate and give added value to the store while reflecting the reality of the actions and services available through the CRM program.

A separate identity

Because of the definition and position of the loyalty program, it is important to give it a separate identity, to differentiate between special offers available as part of the loyalty program and the mass communication undertaken by Decathlon to promote its products, its pricing policy and its special offers.

An identity with added value

The program can add value because, by definition, it rewards loyal customers with privileges in the form of exclusive, added-value services available only through the loyalty program. This makes it all the more important to distinguish these offers from other communications and give them a personal, rewarding character.

An identity that reflects reality

The loyalty programs identity should reflect its reality, i.e. the services offered. It should codify and unify the various services available from the different sectors, making the overall offer consistent in the eyes of member customers and creating a perception of constant high quality.

We proposed a unique position and a federating claim: La Carte Decathlon, le plus grand club de sport.

The result

  • Exceeded 1.000.000 customer cards.