Client: Decathlon


  • Communication strategy
  • Social media
  • Communication platform
  • Advertising campaign
  • Video campaign

Create interest in an entire region for the opening of a new Decathlon store.

The solution

Decathlon, le plus grand terrain de sport.

Turn the opening of the store into an event used to promote sport and sports clubs within the customer catchment area. The idea is to join with sports clubs in promoting sport in general and the clubs’ own sport in particular among people living within the future store’s catchment area.

After listing the sports available in the region and gathering all the data that could be used to promote them, we designed a guide and a map including all the useful information for people wanting to take part in a sport within the area.

The information was passed on to local people in strategic locations within the region in the form of a map showing the “sports venues” in the town and the site of the Decathlon store.

Decathlon cycle-taxi ranks were set up during the weekend of the opening, providing a great fun way of bringing customers to the store. The photos taken during the events were posted up on Facebook and the best ones were awarded a prize.

The result

  • 1 turnkey concept for the opening of a new Decathlon store.