Client: ERGO


  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Platform
  • Media Strategy
  • Design - Creative Proposal
  • Communication Platform
  • TV Commercial

To position the ERGO brand on the Belux market and to develop an image and communication campaign (2011).

The solution

We had to legitimize a new brand by making circumspect use of the history of the previous brand while avoiding any time wasting and loss of resources during the new brand’s launch phase. A two-stage market launch in a single phase.

Do not state that this is a new brand. Instead, create a market position as if the brand had always been there and focus the marketing message on a single commitment that meets the target public’s expectations i.e. take time to understand the context and customers’ problems before offering the best solution – ‘ERGO. Mieux vous connaître pour mieux vous assurer’ - ‘ERGO. U beter kennen om u beter te verzekeren’.

The launch campaign began with a wave of teasing 36 sq. meter and bus shelter posters with a tagline hidden by red balloons. On the day the new logo was unveiled, the balloons “flew away”, revealing the company’s new identity.

The TV campaign consisted of the broadcasting of three adverts reflecting the expectations of the three key targets (young workers, self-employed and professionals). The aim was to establish the brand’s legitimacy in the pension plan market.

The result

  • As a result of the campaign, the brand was perceived as well-established and reliable with expertise in pension plans and a sense of respect for its customers. The objectives were reached during the first months of the advertising campaign.