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Set up a B2B2C CRM platform to help opticians sell Varilux progressive lenses in the Senior market.

The solution

After analysing the market and consumer expectations with regard to progressive lenses, we found that the financial investment was an obstacle because the product on offer did not provide any guarantee of results.

A significant financial investment is required on the part of the customer, hence the importance of enhancing the purchasing experience and the optician’s expertise in dealing with long sightedness and progressive lenses. More importantly, the optician must be able to guarantee perfect adjustment or a full refund to remove the cost-related obstacle.

We created and developed a totally new commercial “Varilux Center” concept, consolidating the opticians’ expertise through training and added-value services linked to the purchase of glasses by long-sighted customers.

“Nine reasons to choose Varilux”: nine services to enhance the purchasing experience and guarantee the effectiveness of the lenses in the long term. Involvement of independent opticians, providing them with added value through a new commercial concept, plus the introduction of centralized turnkey marketing tools for opticians.

The result

  • 100 soft franchise contracts signed after the first presentation to opticians.
  • €700,000 in marketing revenue paid by opticians to have the right to use the concept.
  • 17% increase in sales of Varilux lenses without any decrease in profit margin.