Client: Prego!


  • Customer Insights
  • Communication Platform
  • Brand Platform
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Loyalty Program

Create a marketing model for a new Italian restaurant concept
that allows for the development of a franchise.

The solution

After analyzing the market and consumer expectations, we worked with the client to highlight consumer interest in a return to traditional flavors, simple but high-quality dishes and freshness. We also demonstrated their significant expectation for information about the products and the producers.

In short, the concept had to offer basic Italian dishes that turned the spotlight on the best Italian products from the best Italian producers. To create a story for each of the products and a face for each of the producers. The Prego! concept was born.

In addition to creating a premier position in the marketplace, the next step in the challenge was the creation of a communication platform through which a relationship with potential and existing customers could be established and maintained.

There was also a need for a common thread that would run through the specific stories circulated about each of the ingredients in the dishes on the menu.

The communication plan was based on the idea of thanking Mother Nature for her generosity. Grazie!

The common thread was easy to find. The Purchasing Manager and the Chef traveled to Italy every three months and brought back the most authentic products, with information about their production and their producer.

Every month, the results of their trip were shared with existing and potential customers through social media networks and an email campaign, suggesting that people might like to come and taste the latest discoveries.

Then, since the company’s aim was to franchise the concept, we built a model of its commercial parameters to evaluate it in financial terms, making it easier to present to potential franchisees and removing any obstacle to the deployment and monitoring of the business.

The result

  • 1500 people present on the opening evening.
  • 15 applicants for a franchise.
  • 2 applications pending for the opening of franchises scheduled for January 2014 in Brussels and Antwerp.